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Avon colognes,
Stuffed animals $.50 or 3 for $1,
Egg cartons  18 pack new $30 for bag

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This page is to help people in need. God's Garage started about 10 years or more ago.  Someone called me and said they had a mattress and a couch and thought I might know someone who needed it.  Within 2 days, I had beds, couches etc and I said okay God, I need to know who needs this stuff. Items listed here should be to donate or perhaps list items you are in need of. If you are NOT a member of Oatville Community Church, and wish to sell an item, 10% of the sale price must be donated to the church.
Lloyd Hanna has a medical equipment borrow and lend company that he operates. It is called Medical Loan Closet of Wichita. Keep him in mind if you are no longer needing any equipment and it will be tax deductible. Items such as crutches, wheelchairs, walkers, slings, shower chairs ect.
Medical Loan Closet of Wichita
3006 W St Louis
Wichita Ksmlchum8111@gmail.com
I am asking for:

I am asking for:

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