About Us

In May of 1955, 15 members met for Sunday School at the Oatville Township Hall. Articles of Faith were made in April 1956 and a  charter was signed for Oatville Community Church in May 1956. 
There was a warranted deed and the first service in the building on 3814 S Hoover in April of 1966.  They joined the Evangelical Methodist Denomination from 1974 - 2004 before returning back to a non denominational community church in Jan 2005.
3814 South Hoover RD.
Ph: 316-522-7844
Oatville Community Church
A non-Denominational Church
We support the local SALT Ministry. Homeless ministry.  Donations of clothes, snacks and sample size toiletries accepted.  We have a food pantry here for those in need.